Monday, March 2, 2015

Footprints Worth Following

Footprints in the snow.
A recent newscast referenced local police officials as recording fewer criminal incidents during our recent snow event.  Several theories were offered ranging from the criminals own difficulty in traveling, to the extreme cold as its own deterrent.

I suspect the snow had an impact, but possibly for the reason pictured above.  When we walk in the snow, our footprints leave an obvious trail directly to us, a lasting trail at that.  Any criminal would leave an undeniable trail leading to him, and thus be caught in their wrongdoing.

If we consider our footprints invisible and can do as we like we could just live our lives doing whatever we like, and perhaps evade (at least temporarily) the consequences of our actions.  But, when we realize the lasting impression our trail leaves behind should it affect our comings and goings?

These footprints in the snow lasted for several days.  Our lives leave much longer lasting impacts.  Let's make each one count!  Let us together walk in a manner worthy of our calling!  Let us walk in such a way that leads others to the true knowledge of God!  Let us walk as if God Himself were watching over our shoulder every moment! (Note: He is!)

Father we thank You for coming to earth in flesh to leave for us the footprints we are to follow.  Help us today to leave footprints that only lead us and those around us closer to You.

I will follow
By Chris Tomlin

Jamie Grace, You Lead, I'll Follow

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