Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Change - It Happens To Us All

70 degrees,
last week it was 20!
Our clocks and calendars remind us that every 24 hours, there is a change of date.  We no longer have the previous day, it is behind us in history.  I have a stack of calendars that chronicle my years since I was in my twenties.  Snows, sicknesses, births, deaths, weddings and other events are all listed on a square spot that represented that day in my life.  As I was told in my youth, “the older you get, the more quickly the years go by”.  They experienced it, and knew it to be true.  Now, I know it too.

Last week our weather included nearly a foot of snow.  Today - look at that happy little thermometer!  Even a big old granddaddy-sized lizard came out to stretch and yawn in the sunshine after a long winter nap.  Tomorrow, we are expecting another round of frozen precipitation – either ice or snow or a combination event.  Every year as we transition from winter to spring we experience this volley between cold and warm.  We have experienced it before, so we have come to expect it.

Lizard in the sunshine
looking for spring!
Indeed, our very lives are full of change from the moment we are conceived.  Physically, our bodies transform day by day. You may have noticed some predictable phases.  From the womb to the world.  From infancy to toddler and teething (we get used to one set of teeth, and then we turn six, and another set wants to take over!)   Teenage years often include hormone changes that bring drastic changes to both our bodies and our minds.  Even though my life, and probably yours too, is full of change and we have come to expect some of it, it still seems to take us by surprise - shocked that it happened to us!  It must be true, or Miss Clairol would be out of business.

Every event in our lives changes us.  We are transformed, so to speak, by life events and by life itself.  We experience pain and loss, and learn to carry on.  We experience hardships and learn to endure.  We are bullied or threatened and learn to forgive.   We suffer lean times and learn to share.  In defeat, we learn perseverance.  We have life scars that remind us to be thankful.  Let’s face it, even though we tend to resist change, it serves helps us to mature and grow

Last week ice, this week bloomers!
We can watch the lives of those around us and anticipate the changes the passing of years bring.  We can look at our calendars and thermometers and predict each change of season.  God has also given us a calendar of sorts about the coming days.  Not a specific date, but information about what to expect.  For instance, at the end of our lives these bodies that we use here on earth, will no longer be of use to us, so we will leave them behind.  First Corinthians 15 is an often quoted passage about the change we can expect as we transition from a mortal body to one that will not die.  It will happen “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye”.  Not all of us will die, but (like it or not) we all will – get ready for it – be changed!

Perhaps you have been deceived into believing there is no heaven or hell and when you die you simply cease to exist.  You may be counting on good deeds to outweigh the bad ones, and base your “next life” on how much good you have done in “this life” - but you still lose without Jesus, because no one can enter heaven with sin.  You may be waiting for another day, but our calendar pages are turning over quickly, and you don’t know which one will be your last day!  Without Jesus - the Son of God – as your Savior, your resurrection change will be the beginning of your eternal, non-changing life, but you will spend eternity paying for your sin.  The good news is that our sin debt (death Romans 6:23) has already been paid by the death of one sinless man, God in flesh – Jesus.  We only need to accept His payment – death – and follow Him in order to have entrance into heaven.  He gave His life for you, you give your life to Him.

If you know Jesus, you are probably like me and eagerly await that heavenly change.  I am thankful to have you as my brothers and sisters - joint heirs with Jesus!   For us, this will be a glorious change as we begin our eternal, heavenly, non-changing lives!  Do I hear a “Hallelujah”?  I am so ready to ditch this body and trade it for a new heavenly model!

Father, I pray for the one reading this today, that You will fill their hearts with the knowledge of Your truth.  I pray that the coming change will not take them by surprise.  Thank You for providing us a means by which we can enter into heaven. 
Help us to embrace the changes that come into our live every day and learn more about You through each one.  Help us to eagerly share the truth with all those around us, that they too might be saved by Your grace, through faith in our only Savior, Jesus.
Every day will bring change to our lives. Let’s embrace the changes, and let God use them to help us grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord, and point those around us to Him.  I want to see you by the river of life!  I’ll be there cheering for you!

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