Oscar The Extraordinary Hummingbird

This little book is a collection of stories which includes the chronicle of a tiny hummingbird and the unlikely friendship he and I shared. Through the time we spent together, God used Oscar to teach me many things about
suffering, and
joy in the midst of it all.
I remain amazed that He chose this itty bitty bird and so many precious, yet seemingly insignificant, things within His Creation to demonstrate such profound spiritual truths to me, and I am delighted to share these simple stories with you.
May you always take time to see God
 in the little things.
They may become your
biggest treasures!

All the tales within this book are true. The simple parable-type lessons offered here about life in my Father’s world have touched my soul, and I pray that your heart will likewise be enriched by reading them. Inside you will become acquainted with Oscar, the sweetest little hummingbird you ever could meet, along with some fishy characters, and you will stroll with me through the beauty and splendor of the garden. Together we will explore patterns and truths found in Creation which point us to a deeper understanding of our Creator. 
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Chapter 1 - A Tiny Treasure
When I first spotted the mysterious wad, immediately I had grand hopes of discovering some sort of little treasure. I am familiar with the ending of the curious cat but was compelled to investigate nonetheless. By the size and shape it could have been an owl pellet! Because owls have no teeth with which to chew their meals, they swallow them whole. They also–uhm–“release” the undigested portion whole, in a pellet form, just about the size of this suspicious little gemI drew closer to the twisted glob and realized it wasn’t what I hoped for at all.  

Oh, no! I thought. Horrified, I instantly reached down to him. We have hosted many hummingbirds throughout the spring and summer, and this appeared to be one that met an untimely demise. His little body was twisted in an unnatural position. His poor, tiny head had been stripped of all feathers on top and on one side, revealing only raw, purple and blue skin. There appeared to be fishing line tangled all around his mouth. His condition suggested he might have been run over by a lawn mower. I gingerly lifted up the bruised and limp little bird and cradled him in the palm of my hand, amazed at the beauty of the tiny creature and sorry for the suffering he must have endured. 

Against all hope, I became aware of a faint, rapid thumping of a little heartbeat against my hand. Thankful for the opportunity to comfort him in his final moments of life, I ever so gently stroked his broken little body and brought him close to my face while whispering, God knows when a sparrow falls[i], and He knows all about little hummingbirds, too. Realistically, it was more a prayer to comfort me than an expectation that he actually understood what I had said to him. Fighting back tears, I blew softly into his face to let him know he was not alone.  He blinked his eye - the one that wasn’t swollen shut. Yes, he heard me, and he knew I was there with him and perhaps he understood that God was as well. 

I don’t know how much animals understand. I do know my responsibility, according to the Word of God in the book of Genesis, is to “rule[ii] over (or have dominion over) the creatures of the earth.” Surely this would include taking care of one who has fallen. God spared him long enough for me to comfort him a bit, and for that, I was grateful. I just absolutely love the way God works and have found that His timing is perfect, always.

Continuing to bathe him with my warm breath, I slowly and as tenderly as possible, began to untangle him from the fishing line in and around his mouth. My desire was to give him as much comfort as possible. He blinked again and tried to lift his poor, bruised, and bald little head.  
As the untangling progressed, it became apparent that the “line” was his tongue! Poor little fellow! Bless his sweet little heart! He must have wondered, Why is this woman pulling on my tongue?  He was having a bad enough day already without me tugging on his tongue, of all things.  I chuckled at the absurdity and apologized, Sorry about that, little guy!

Gradually, he regained consciousness and his tongue retracted into its proper place. He looked at me, with his one good eye - not with fear but rather with curiosity.  I continued to examine him for injuries and found that one wing was not in the correct position, and a tiny spot of blood was on the front of his neck. So, still holding him in one hand, I took a paper towel with the other hand and dampened one corner, folding it over to make a swab to lightly sponge his wounds. I stroked and tucked the tiny wing back into the proper position. 

By now, he was more conscious than not but still too weak to resist my “mothering.” He didn’t have the strength to fly, but he did seem content to rest in the warmth of my hand. 

Because most acquaintances begin with an exchange of names, I, not knowing his hummingbird name, decided to call him Oscar.  You know, the Grouch.  Both are green, a mess, and more than a little grumpy.  It seemed to fit.

Because of the severity of his injuries, I feared he would perish before I could document this precious moment so, while he was still alive I took a few pictures of Oscar in my hand. I marveled at the opportunity to hold such a small, magnificent creature. I continued to assure him of my intention to help him to the very best of my ability. He was truly a pitiful sight - tiny, helpless, bruised, and bald - but alive!

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The Alabama Baptist Newspaper  Review by Martine Fairbanks

I was engaged and locked into this book from the very first words. The stories are captivating and the messages are moving. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of reading this treasure!
Praise Him!
Dr. Cliff Robertson, Jr M.Div., ThD


Delightful and refreshing! Lisa Worthey Smith has articulated well how God reveals His character, His ways and His loving care for us in both the simple joys and the great challenges of life. A must read if you want to be strengthened and encouraged! 

Dr. Michael Cassity
Pastor, Jackson Way Baptist Church


I found this to be filled with simple parables that speak to lessons anyone can learn and understand on a deeper level. You draw the reader to the parallels nicely and without complication. Poignant and purposeful. A lovely read that has plenty of meat and sweet. I enjoyed reading of your experiences and your perspective. This is a feel-good read that leaves one determined to be, do, and live better. Enjoyed it!

Rachel Warren, tender of gardens and writer of inspirational romances, including debut novel, The Road Home, a Christian romantic suspense.


Oscar was a gift from God to Lisa Smith, a picture of His grace to her. There is no question that God uses His creation, and all of it, to encounter us in a deep, personal, and Fatherly way. He is the Creator of life, and a Father to those of us found in Christ. His Spirit is found in all life, and He is the very reason there is life in any of us, or in anything.

God so dearly loved Lisa to bring, through the brokenness of a tiny bird, a picture of our physical death from sin and our born-again life through Jesus. He breathes His Spirit into us and takes us from death into new life where our relationship with Him can begin. By the sovereign and merciful hand of our compassionate God, He rescues us, cares for us, and brings in us beauty from ashes.

Lisa has been blessed mightily through her relationship with Jesus Christ. God's purpose in creating us and bringing us to His salvation is all so that we can have an intimate relationship with Him. Through the eyes of Oscar the hummingbird, God prepared Lisa for a time soon to come where her health would begin to fade, where His sovereign hand would be enough to sustain her in joy, and where her brokenness would bring hope to all of us.

God is calling each of us into a deep, intimate relationship with Him; for Lisa, God came to her through a precious, tiny hummingbird. God cares for and feed the birds of the air; He clothes the fields with splendorous beauty; oh, how He cares for each one of us, and reveals Himself to us through His creation. Thank you, Lord, for your smallest of blessings. Thank you for revealing yourself to us through Oscar the hummingbird, and through Lisa Smith.

Travis Toth, Author of:
“The Promises of God – Book 1: the Gospel Message”
A Guide to Living an Extraordinary Life


His care extends to the lowliest and tiniest hummingbirds like Oscar (and ME!).
If you want to learn and grow from a humble teacher of God's Word who is in touch with all the wonders that He has made, the writings of Lisa Worthey Smith are worthy of your time and attention. She inspires me with her warmth, her adoration of the Creator, and the sincerity of her heart. I recommend her work to you."
Dr. John D. Bain

“A simple beauty of expression pervades the pages of this book, shining light on details of our natural world and lessons to be learned of the supernatural work of God in our lives!  You are made to want to step outside into the wonder of our Father’s creation to see for yourself His handiwork and what you can learn about His work in you.  I have noted through the years that “God is always up to something—good! (Romans 8:28) This book helps you see some of what “He’s up to”, even when we suffer.  Using the lens of her heart, Lisa zooms in on the amazing movements and moments of life all around us, and we catch a glimpse of His glory and of His grace!  Well-written; biblically based; doctrinally sound . . . insightful and engaging!  This is a good book that will refresh your soul.”

Randy Von Kanel, Th.D.
Pastor, Cayman Islands Baptist Church

It takes a special eye to capture something beautiful in a painting or picture.  It takes a special talent to compose and create beautiful music, poetry, and prose.  However, it takes a spiritual gift to be able to see the work of God in the everyday events of one’s backyard.  Lisa Smith’s Life in My Father’s World captures the work of God, and provides powerful illustrations of the Word of God in ways that are encouraging and inspiring. 

I’ve fed hummingbirds for years, but never saw what Lisa was able to see in caring for Oscar.  I’ve seen goldfish, but never learned what Lisa learned from Life in the Pond.  Her observations of Life in the Garden are brilliant, as she looks at flowers, seeds, and even predators from a biblical view.  She records powerful lessons learned from ordinary events in the life of God’s creation, lessons that illustrate biblical truths and teach us of God’s care for even the sparrow that falls to the ground.

If you are struggling with life, if you are experiencing sorrow, if you are discouraged, or dealing with doubt—this book will encourage you, inspire you, and teach you of God’s constant and abiding presence in your life.  It will help you to see the Lord in ways you may never have seen Him before.  I found the book to be a great blessing, and I pray you will find the blessings you need in your life as you see Life in the Father’s World through the eyes of one who herself has faced great challenges in this life---and yet sees the presence and power of God.  Lisa is an outstanding student of the Bible, lives out her faith everyday with courage and determination, and seeks to share her lessons with others.  You will enjoy this book---and it will change your perspective on God’s creative work, and how He works in your life.

Walter Blackman
Pastor, EHBC  Hartselle, AL      
Oscar the Extraordinary Hummingbird: And Other Tales From Life In My Father's World by Lisa Worthey Smith is a non-fiction, inspirational book about the work of God and how it connects with our every day life. When God connects Lisa with an injured hummingbird, the author realizes that there are many ways that nature illustrates the power of God's word. She tells those stories and connections within this book, showing how seeds, flowers, creatures like the hummingbird, and even predatory animals have a lesson to teach about God's love and wisdom. The author uses nature and animal stories to talk about God's love, obedience, and trust and tells these stories in simple, easy to understand lessons. These lessons of God's creation correlate with lessons from the Bible and showcase how God cares for all creatures, even the tiniest sparrow that has fallen to the ground. 

These stories are both encouraging and inspiring. Readers that are discouraged, have self-doubt, or are experiencing sorrow will especially enjoy these uplifting tales as they teach about God's constant presence in the world and His all encompassing love. These stories will help readers draw closer to God and experience His magnificence in ways they have never known before. Even readers who are not believers in God will find these stories beautiful. These stories can still be a great blessing for a reader who wants to focus on the beauty of nature and animals and not necessarily on who created them.

Reviewed by  for Readers' Favorite

.....Thank Yous and Other Notes.....

 "...gave us a copy of your precious book. It was a time of great sorrow in my family. Oscar and his mate eased that feeling and left us with answers to other questions as well. You have a gift. Thank you for sharing with your readers...." Vickey

"I just want to come and sit with you in your yard!" Leslie

"Congratulations on the publication of your book. It is a wonderful set of stories. Oscar is my Favorite. Please keep writing." K. Chapman, Ph.D.

"I just finished reading your book. It is inspirational, informative, and touching...my take after reading...is slow down, enjoy God's handiwork and reflect on the beauty of it...don't stop at one (book)!"  Barbara

"I would just like to say that I found it refreshing and I rejoice that you love the Lord and find Him in so many ways!"  Suzy

"I just couldn't put it down. I had to see what happened next! Now, I am going back and reading it slow and enjoying it all over again." Earlene

"I look at things differently now. I realize I need to slow down, take some time with God every day."
"Sweet, nightingale, Lisa Worthey Smith found her gift of healing when she found Oscar the Extraordinary Hummingbird dying in her backyard. She got busy removing the tangled mess squeezing the life out of him and called for professional help. She was careful to apply each detail ccording to their expert advice to help nurse her foster baby back to life. Lisa's tender care and her sweet words she poured over her pitiful bird was straight from her heart! It almost made me wish I had landed in her backyard. There's a definite bonding between mama Lisa and Oscar since they do come from the same Creator. And, like Jesus, Lisa saw and shared the spiritual lesson she saw in Oscar's healing. The healing words she poured over Oscar the Hummingbird daily, also worked on me as well!
This book is a great, easy read for those who not only love animals but it provides a healing, Biblical lesson for the soul!"