The Wisdom Tree

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He wasn't always known as the Wisdom Tree. 
Like my life, and maybe yours too, 
his life began in a most ordinary way. 
This parable reveals how his choices, and 
the faithfulness of his worm friend, 
were all woven together 
by the loving hands of the Master of the Garden 
into something completely extraordinary.

Even today, just outside Jerusalem, 
there is a garden of olives known as Gethsemane. 
If you go there, listen closely
you might just hear a descendant of the Wisdom Tree whisper 
believe, and 
look up."

Sometimes compared to the writing style of Max Lucado, this story magnifies the sovereignty of God in the smallest of creatures. 

A special little seed, and a wise old worm experience the trials of life alongside the Master of the Garden, Who never leaves or forsakes them.

Half parable, and half Bible study (with biblical answers to the most basic and some difficult questions in Christianity), this is a great book for 
  • Bible study groups, 
  • book clubs, 
  • homeschool, and 
  • personal growth toward a deeper understanding of how the hand of God continually works in our lives. 

What people are saying about The Wisdom Tree...

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It's like reading Max Lucado
"I can pick it up and read it over and over... "

the power to be a classic,
up there with C.S. Lewis’ Narnia.
Review by The Christian Bookaholic here

Beautifully written
What a beautiful job the author did in describing the life of an olive tree and the Biblical events that happened as it grew! It is a book for all ages and in addition, it includes questions at the end of each chapter and a helpful study guide at the end.

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It is truly an inspired parable.  
I loved it.”
Walter Blackman, pastor

A simple, but yet intriguing, beautifully written book that will inspire every reader. 
"It will guide you through the love of the Master in a unique way that helps every age understand the care of the Gardener. It leads us all to the truth of trusting, believing and looking up to Him.”
Ginger Sanders, Award Winning Author, Billy Graham Rapid Respond Chaplain Coordinator

Thought-provoking parable
"Readers will be enchanted as they follow the story of this tree from seedling to an olive tree in the Garden of Gethsemane. Along with his faithful friend, the worm, the two experience a life that goes from ordinary to the extraordinary.”
Carol Round, author of Journaling with Jesus: How to draw closer to God and the companion workbook, The 40-Day Challenge

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