About Me

I have been called the parable teacher
I help those
suffering ,
serving, or
to find the blessing in their lives - even when brokenness prevails.
Finding truths in everyday events and nature itself, I use those truths to show a
     plan, and
intentionally designed by the loving hand of The Creator - Life in My Father’s World.  

From High School newspaper staff to college newspaper editor, then newsletters, curricula, procedure manuals, Bible study, and even a cookbook along the way, I have long enjoyed putting pen to paper.

My teaching opportunities include crafting, painting, work seminars, Sunday School, Bible School, Bible studies, High School, and on and on.   Time in the corporate world gave me experience dealing with different personalities and helped develop my communication and organizational skills.  Little did I know at the time, God was using each of those experiences to shape me for this very period of my life.  (Don’t you just love the way He works?)

Though successful in the workplace, He little by little began to insert life events that got my attention and took the focus off my abilities and my career and put me on my knees before Him.  (Is there a better place to be? I think not!)   My Father, who loves me, allowed suffering to enter my life to the point of taking away many of the things I considered important well, previously considered important, that is.

With my former “jobs” and abilities sidelined, He put me in a place of brokenness to show me His purpose for this phase of my life. All long the way though, He has shown me blessings I would have missed had I remained in the workplace.   God even placed a little hummingbird (Oscar) in my life to demonstrate the blessing (yes, blessing) of brokenness, and teach me about such things on a level I could understand.

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Sharing our story (Oscar the Extraordinary Hummingbird, finding blessing in brokenness) has touched many lives.  So, I am thankful;
thankful that my Father  cares about me enough to pull me aside to teach me such beautiful truths;
thankful that He even uses little bitty birds and broken down old women to help other people find His hand at work;
thankful that He uses brokenness to reveal His beauty and blessings. 
I share my life in my Father’s world with you in an effort to draw you nearer to The God Who created you and loves you.

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Released in 2017, The Wisdom Tree is half allegory (about an olive tree who grew in the Garden of Gethsemane in the time of Jesus) and half Bible study with questions and Scripture answers to basic and difficult questions of Christianity.

I pray today that He will so profoundly impact your life that there will be no doubt that you have been with the Father.  I pray that you will clearly see His hand at work in your life and will be forever changed because of it.  

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