Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow From Heaven

Snow coated winter
We are basking in the beauty of a snowfall here in Alabama.  I understand that many of you are sick and tired of snow after this long snowy winter, but it is a rarity for us.  I beg your indulgence while we share our pictures and pull out our measuring sticks to brag about the depth at our house.  We make snow angels and snow cream while those north of the Mason Dixon are praying for their snow to go away.

Yesterday the view out our kitchen window was grey.  Today it is white, with almost a foot of snow on the ground, and delicately balanced on the twigs of the trees and shrubs.  As the cardinals land on a limb, the fluffy snow drifts down in slow motion.  It is a captivating scene for us, because we know it will not last long and it may well be the most snow we see in our lifetime!

So, as I take in every detail, I have considered the magnificence of a Creator who can take our grey winter landscape and coat it in beauty.   His hand alone could paint every tiny twig with tiny white flakes of glory, bringing out the detail of every little unnoticed limb.  Snow capped landscape lights glow, and birdhouses have extra layers of insulation.  As the sun is beginning to come out, the extreme reflective brightness is impossible to behold without shading our eyes with glasses or squinting our lids so just a bit of light comes through.

I imagine the presence of God sort of like that, full of unimaginably bright light and beauty.  My sins however, make me grey and dull.  Every little one of them that may go unnoticed by you.  Together all our grey landscapes just all blend together into a grey world.  Of course, my entrance into His presence would bring all my dirty grey, but He loves us so much that He has washed my sins whiter than - guess what?

Dearest Father in heaven, how I praise Your holy name for the magnificence of Your creation. Thank You for giving us a glimpse into Your power and holiness and our complete unworthiness.  Help us today to be eager to share the good news of Your provision for our sin in this cold grey world that so desperately needs to hear of You, even more than our desire to share pictures of the lovely snow.

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