Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chickadee Choices

My new house, and Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome!
For Valentine’s Day, my very own Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome bought me a new house!  (Isn’t he the BEST?)  It is a lovely cedar model with an exquisite easy-clean door for removal of last year’s clutter.  He even installed it for me right on a fence post for easy viewing from our backyard shade-tree sitting spot. 

It is a treasure on its own, but even more so now that several housing committees have come to inspect it.  Bluebirds, sparrows and finally chickadees have all given it a good looking over.  If there was a bird auction, the chickadees must have been the highest bidders. 

For a couple of days now, Mr. and Mrs. C have been doing a thorough inspection inside and out.  They have double and triple checked the door opening, the roof angle and interior walls.   They have scouted out food and water accessibility and the wall security on every side.  They have looked over the neighborhood and we seem to have met their high standards. 

Black-capped Chickadee
considering the location.
They were given a command to “be fruitful and multiply” and they are doing their best to make that happen within the short little lifetime they have been given.  Their decision was deliberate, and was based upon the command they were given rather than their own desire to live their own lives, eating, drinking and being merry little birds.  They are working together to provide a new generation with the best start possible, and thus fulfill their command.

Chickadee checking
the accommodations from
all angles.
We too have been given commands.  To love God is our first and foremost command.  Along with that comes submission and obedience to Him.  Our mission is to go, teach, make more disciples of Christ.   If we do love Him, our choices should reflect that obedience and mission.  How do we use our lives wisely?

1)     Focus on the mission.  Like the chickadees, we have limited lifespans and need to concentrate on our command and mission.  They could have chosen to live according to what they wanted rather than what they were commanded.  We make decisions based on our highest priority every day.  Does it reflect our desire or our command and mission?

2)     Abide away from temptation.  “Location, location, location” may be the realtors' slogan, but like the birds, we should also carefully weigh where we visit and where we abide.  The wise birds will not chose to visit or build a home near a snake pit or a cat sanctuary.  We too need to stay away from anything or place that tempts us to make a disobedient choice, contrary to His command.  

3)     Don’t make hasty decisions.  The chickadees have been very deliberate about the very best place to raise their young.  They didn’t necessarily choose a place comfortable for them, in a different tree every night with the open sky above them.  But deliberately chose a long-term, safe place.  We are often tempted to make decisions when we have a strong desire to “do our own thing” or escape a hurtful situation.  As a result, we make the wrong decision.   Let’s face it, we often respond to pain by running away, and to pleasure by grabbing more.  If we make decisions by the flesh – we will ALWAYS make the wrong decision.  

4)     Fulfill your commitment.  From past experience, I fully expect these birds will spend the next few months putting aside everything except their commitment to their mission.   Are we that faithful? Have you promised “for better or worse…’til death do us part”?  

5)     Study and pray to know His will.  If Mr. and Mrs. Chickadee chose a remote location away from food, they and their mission would perish.  The same is true with us.  If we do not feed on His Word, we can be easily misled into disobedience, and make unwise decisions based on what feels good to us at any given moment rather than fulfill His commands and our mission.  However, when we fill ourselves with the knowledge of His truth, THE truth, our hearts and minds are better equipped to make sound decisions.

6)     Join with godly partners.  Mr. and Mrs. C are working together with a common goal, and support each other during their mission.  We all lay eggs, so to speak – although it is more commonly spoken of as sowing seeds.  Some are planting, others watering, and God is providing the fruit.  When we find our common goal – reaching the lost for the kingdom of Christ – we all can join in the labor together, working side by side.  You and I may be doing different tasks, but working alongside a fellow Christian empowers and encourages both to reach their goal without distraction and temptation!  Choose godly partners.  Encourage them, and listen to their advice when they encourage you. 

7)     Realize that your every decision affects the long term path of your life.  There is no “reset” button for life.  Each moment that has passed, has passed and is forever irretrievable.  One disobedience, that seems fun now, causes you to miss a multitude of opportunities and will most certainly have consequences.  Being obedient might seem to be a temporary discomfort or distraction from our personal goals, but with our hearts set on heavenly goals, obedience will reap bountiful blessings for eternity!  [Note; if our personal goals conflict with His, it is time to reevaluate our goals!]

Most magnificent Father and Creator.   We are so very thankful You have given us Your creation to help us see truths about You and about ourselves.  Help us today to make wise decisions based upon Your Word, and not our feelings.  Bring us alongside those who will give us advice and direction based upon Your Word and not our temporary feelings, and give us the courage to give sound counsel based upon Your Word to those who need to hear the truth.  Help us to fix our eyes on You in all we do and make deliberate choices that honor You.  I pray that the one reading this right now will be diligent to seek You, Your Word and Your direction for their life.

    Click the picture to hear I Choose Jesus  By Moriah Peters