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Meet Carol B. Round

Meet author and columnist, Carol B. Round

Join me in welcoming christian author, Carol Beck Round! She has "always loved to write. As a child, I wrote poetry. My college major was journalism/English. I taught those subjects in high school for 17 years before becoming the high school library media specialist for the final 13 years of my teaching career." 

Carol has written several books , including a book on prayer journaling and a companion workbook in addition to her latest series of chilren's books. "My other three books are collections of my weekly Christian column which I’ve been writing for almost 11 years. My column now reaches readers all over the world."

Tell us about your latest book.
My latest book is a series of children’s books to teach youngsters about the importance of giving, saving and spending money. The series title is “Nana’s 3 Jars.” Each book has a subtitle. The first is Giving Generously. The second is Saving Pennies while the subtitle of the third in this series is Spending Wisely.

My main characters are siblings, Charlie and Emma. Charlie is in elementary school but Emma is still too young to go. Most children can relate, I believe, to being excited about going to their grandparent’s house for a visit. For Charlie and Emma, it’s fun to visit their Nana because she lives in the country and has animals and a garden. They get to do things they might not otherwise get to do at home and, at the same time, they learn valuable lessons from their grandmother.

I have three grandchildren and I thought this series would not only help them to learn about money and the wise uses of it, but would help others as well.

Do you have a favorite?
I think the first of the series is my favorite. In this book, the siblings make chocolate chip cookies and share them with the residents of a veteran’s center.

What do you want your readers to take away from it?
That money and how we use it is important. Each book is also interactive so children get to complete an activity at the end of each book to reinforce the lesson learned in each.


Excerpt from Nana's 3 Jars

Sitting at Nana’s kitchen table, Charlie and Emma dipped their cookies into the milk. As they enjoyed their treat, Charlie noticed three jars on Nana’s kitchen counter. They weren’t empty. Each was filled with coins. Each jar had a label on the outside.
Curious, Charlie asked, “Nana, why do you have coins in those three jars?”
Nana picked up the first jar. Charlie read the label. “Saving,” he pronounced.
“What does that mean, Nana?” Emma asked.
Nana explained the money in the “Saving” jar was for emergencies, like car repairs or a broken washing machine.
Picking up the second jar labeled “Spending,” Charlie asked, “What do you do with the coins in this jar, Nana?”
“The money in this one is for buying things I need, like groceries,” Nana said.
Emma picked up the third jar. She couldn’t read yet.
“Then what’s this jar for, Nana?”
Charlie read the label for Emma. “Giving,” he said.
“What does that mean, Nana?” Emma asked.
“Well,” said Nana, “all of the coins I put in this jar will be used to help others.”
“Help others? How?” asked Charlie.
“How?” chimed in Emma.
“In the past, I’ve used money from this jar to buy the ingredients to bake a pie to welcome a new neighbor,” said Nana. “I’ve also used my giving money to buy canned goods for the church food pantry or socks to donate to the homeless shelter in town.”
“Why?” asked Emma.


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Carol Beck Round
I also have a Christian speaking ministry but readers might be interested to know that the only “C” I made in college was in speech. I was so terrified of speaking in front of my peers that I gripped the podium tightly—so tightly that sweat poured off my palms and dripped onto the floor. However, I no longer fear public speaking. 

My hobbies include photography, volunteering, spending time with my grandchildren and reading.

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