Thursday, December 3, 2015

"Twas the time before Christ's birth, and all through the land...

'Twas the time before Christ’s birth, and all through the land
People waited and prayed for Messiah to come.

Zachariah and Elizabeth his wife, who were righteous to God
Were old and childless but, were promised a son.
He would not be Messiah, the angel proclaimed,
But will be filled with the Spirit, and John is his name.
He will be a forerunner of Messiah to come
Preparing the people for the long awaited One.
Zach laughed at the thought “this age, giving birth?”
Gabriel assured him of the joy on the earth
And in their house with the birth of their son
But because of his doubt, Zach then became dumb.

The same angel also visited a virgin named Mary
To tell her of the son that she would soon carry.
Mary visited her cousin and told of this news;
Elizabeth’s baby then leaped with joy too.
“Blessed are you” Mary, and “the fruit of your womb.”
Mary exalted the Lord, for His goodness to her.
My spirit rejoices - what He has done for me
And the help He is giving - His infinite mercy.

Like her cousin Elizabeth, Mary’s holy offspring
Would bring joy to the earth. The Prince of Peace
Would come just as the prophet Isaiah had told
Even those long hundreds of years ago.
His plan was in place, and now coming to be
Though years of silence had preceded the day.
In His time and His mercy, His plan and His work  
The world will see light in the midst of the dark.
His light will shine as true light in the world
So full of darkness, filth and shedding of blood.

Caesar Augustus sent out a decree
For a census to be taken, each in his own city.
So while Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem small,
The time came to deliver this child in a stall.
No room in the inn, there was no more space
But with compassion for Mary, they were given a place.
Outside with the animals would be their abode,
So Messiah was born, just as foretold.

They called His name “Jesus” as the angel had said
When speaking to Joseph, asleep in his bed.
Yeshua, Jesus, would be this Child’s name
And the reason He was born - God saves.
He told Joe that night, in a dream, what to do
Not only about the child but, regarding Mary too.

So this virgin gave birth to the Savior that night
While shepherds nearby had the fright of their lives!

For while they were watching their sheep as they should
An angel appeared, and before them he stood
causing fear in their hearts, so he immediately said
“I come with good news.  Do not be afraid,
A babe has been born Who shall be to all people
Great joy, He is Christ, the Lord and the Savior.
 You will find Him in the city, lying in a manger
Wrapped up in cloths, was the news from the angel.

Then a multitude appeared of the heavenly hosts
Saying “glory to God in the highest” of course,
And continued their praise with a word about peace
To all men on earth with whom He is pleased.

So the shepherds quickly followed the words of the angel
They came to the stable, and found Christ in the manger.
They saw Him in person that very night
And overcame their fear and their fright
to make known what they learned of the baby.
Maybe that is our job too, just maybe.
Perhaps if we tell just one more today
That the Savior was born, just as God said
That He paid your sin debt, and He also paid mine.
Our price was a steep one, too big to imagine.
Yet He gave it, His life blood, to show you how precious
You are to Him, even more than was His own flesh.

So, now we no longer are awaiting His birth
He has come, He has gone, now we have here on earth
The promise that once more He will again come,
And set up His kingdom, and sit on the throne.

So our question remains if our job is to tell
Of His birth and His death and His coming again.
He instructed His followers in Scripture this way
“Go, make disciples, baptizing in the name
Of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit
Observing all I commanded, lo, I am with you.
He ascended to heaven, but just before He left
He said you shall be My witnesses to all the earth.

So as we look to the reminder of His birth long ago
Let’s not forget our commission now is to go.
As we wish one another “Merry Christmas” this season
Let us also share that He is the reason.

* * * * * 

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