Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dancing With Jesus

My old ballet shoes.
I enjoyed tap, ballet and jazz lessons as a girl, but that doesn’t make me much of a dancer these decades later.  I admire those lithe bodies that can weightlessly and effortlessly move with such grace and beauty, but no longer have a body capable of any such movement.  So, I watch and enjoy the performances.

I find particular beauty in ballroom dancing, especially the waltzes.  The gentleman takes the lady by the hand and leads her around the room in mirrored movement.  It is lovely to behold them gaze into the other’s eyes and focus solely upon their partner and the dance they share.

In the darkest times of my life God has lifted me by the hand, and looked me in the eye, and walked me to a place of peace and comfort – that passes all understanding.  It is a waltz of sorts - Him leading me by the hand, me following with focus solely on Him.  When I find myself in His arms, His peace overshadows all that is going on around me.  Maybe you too have had life experiences that left you nowhere to go but on your knees to His arms.  It is a wonderful place to be.

Dance With Jesus From Grief to Grace
A new friend and sister in Christ, Susan B. Mead, has written a book entitled Dance With Jesus, From Grief to Gracehttp://www.amazon.com/Dance-With-Jesus-Grief-Morgan/dp/1630473073/  In it she introduces us to her very normal life, and acquaints us with her loving and endearing family members, like our very own.  When tragedy strikes, and grief hits and hits hard, she is given a precious gift. A gift of grace to make it through this otherwise unbearable time.  You will love her tender heart and loving spirit as she walks you through this part of her life journey, offering insight into this gift.  She openly shares both the depth of the grief and the overflowing bounty of this gift that is also available to you.

You will need a hanky or two, but will also rejoice in the lovely picture she details.  It is an easy read, suitable for sharing with someone who needs to know they are not alone, someone who needs to hear there is hope in Christ - even when the hopeless shuffle seems to be the only dance they know.  If you are willing to take His hand – He will lead you to that place of peace. #DanceWithJesusBook

Beauty for Ashes, Crystal Lewis

Danny GokeyHope In Front Of Me

Father, how thankful I am for the times You have shown me what I could not find on my own.  How thankful I am that You know my pain and hold me when I can not hold myself.  How thankful I am that You give us grace to waltz through the pain into hope, never alone, but with You.

If you need a little hope, or if you have hope to share, you are welcome to leave a note here.