Monday, March 30, 2015

The Chickadee Conflict

Chickadee home.
It is hard to resist being outside when the snow has just faded, and the first bloomers of the year begin to appear.  The ornamental cherry trees are showing all their bloomers to the sheer delight of all who have endured the winter misery.  The ornamental pears are quietly shedding their early blooms as if another snowfall has sneaked in on us.  

The animals have also begun their spring projects, mainly that of preparing for their crops, well, babies.  The chickadee family we were  watching so happily build in a new housing project in our yard, encountered a problem. (You may remember their decision process in Chickadee Choices.) A sparrow problem.  A herd of sparrows decided they liked the location, and the furnishings. The leader of the pack, Mr. Sparrow proceeded to move in, chasing away the tinier (and outnumbered) Mr. and Mrs. Chickadee.  

As the master of the yard, I stepped in.  I had a talk with the sparrows, and explained that the chickadee family was here first, had provided the nesting material, and they needed to find another spot for their brood.  They left.

An hour later, they were back.  With a little research, we found that a certain size hole would deter the sparrows while allowing the chickadees entrance.  So, with a simple pointing of my finger, voila! Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome modified the entrance with just such an opening.  

If only I had recorded what happened next.  Mr. Sparrow hardly slowed down on his first attempt to go in the door he had frequented over the last day.  He came to an abrupt stop when he couldn't get his middle through the door.  With his head inside, and his belly and legs dangling outside he struggled and pushed with his little bird feet with no success.  That round belly simply would not fit through the door anymore.  How embarrassing!  He had a few words for the situation and took out his frustration with the obviously faulty opening.  He pecked, looked, tried and re-tried for the better part of a day, while his herd dared not say a word at the comical situation.  

God sees your situation.  I am no master gardener, but try very hard to provide the best for the plants, and critters that I invite to live in my yard, providing food, water,accommodations and protection for them.  That reminds me of how very much more my Lord provides for me.  He sees both my needs and my trials, even knows them before I do.  

God did not take them out of the yard.  They still had an obligation to come back, and finish their mission.  So do we.  Rather than becoming discouraged, we can count on God to make a way, when we see no possible way for us to do what He has asked us to do.  Sit back, pray, and wait for Him to let you know what to do.  He might move you, or He might move the trouble.

Don't become discouraged.  The chickadees might have thought all was lost.  Never would they be able to fight off such a formidable opponent.  They could have given up on the spot, and not even tried to have a family this year.  They could have sulked, and pouted, and grumbled to all the neighborhood birds about the ill fated situation and stomped off in defeat.  

They didn't.  

We saw, and provided.  They didn't have to ask, we knew, and took action.

Don't overlook His provision.  If Mr. and Mrs. C had left to never return, they would have missed the provision.  They could have relied on their own experience and expertise, and abilities, and missed out on a far better plan.   

That day in Jerusalem that Jesus entered the city on a donkey He was hailed as "the King Who comes in the name of the Lord", just as prophesied.  He knew what we needed and was about to provide it for us.  Later that week He willingly gave up His life for our sins, yours and mine.   That day, as He approached the city, He wept.  Not for what He was about to endure, but for those who would not see it, for those who were going to ignore His provision, and suffer unbelievable horrors in the coming days because of their unbelief.  They were rich in religion, but were missing the Savior.  His desire was that they would recognize Him.  He longed to gather them as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, but they would not have it.  He was right there, and they didn't recognize Him, and didn't want to.  

He is here today too, right there with you.  I pray you recognize Him, before it is too late.  I pray you do not cause Him to weep over you.    

Precious Father in heaven, thank You for providing for my needs even when I didn't know I needed You.  Thank You for loving me so much that You paid the most vile and costly debt I owed.  

Thank You for the chickadees right outside the window who give evidence of Your strong and mighty hand all around us as we struggle through life situations that seem overwhelming.  Thank You for reminding us that You see, and we should not give up.  

Give us tender hearts to see those who do not recognize You.  Help us to grieve over them, just as You were moved to tears over those who were likewise blinded.  

Help the very one reading this to also see You, recognize You and trust You with their very lives, and to share You every day.