Thursday, January 8, 2015

Weather Forecasts and Prophecy

Thermometer doesn't lie - it's COLD!
Oh, yes, it is COLD!  Much of the United States is far below normal temperatures and suffering out loud.  We have documented the event all over social media just to make sure everyone knows just how cold it really is. 

Most of us were prepared for the chilling of the bones due to many meteorological predictions over the previous days.  These are the people who study such things and told us just what to expect.  It wasn’t that they all got together and decided to have a cold spell, but rather a gathering of the facts based upon the weather patterns of the past. 

Some were not prepared because they didn’t hear, or didn’t heed the warnings and had dead batteries, or frozen pipes.  Some simply had no way to prepare.  Others were caught up in events outside their control, such as a loss of electricity.

I like knowing what to expect, but I realize some of you like surprises.   I’m just not a surprise kinda’ girl.  I’m a planner, list maker, and like to have a schedule.  That could be why I enjoy Bible study so much. I like knowing what to expect. In His Word, God has provided many facts that became history.  We call that prophecy. 

So much of the book of Daniel was prophetic that there were those who questioned the timing of the writing.  How could it contain so much accuracy when written before the actual events occurred?  Because the author (God) already knew what was to happen and gave Daniel the information to share.  Daniel lived to see some of the events take place, and some have yet to transpire.  But, even without a meteorological degree, I can tell you with certainty, they will come to pass. 

If you have access to a television, or news report about dangerous, deadly weather approaching will you listen to the experts and prepare?  If you know someone who does not have access, will you tell them?  Will you help them find safety?

So, we have the complete authority on the subject of both our future and the future of mankind (The Holy Bible).  Shall we look at it?  Shall we heed it?  Shall we share it?   

The cold is here, and it is too late to prepare now.  Don’t wait too late to prepare for eternity.  It is coming. 

Father, we thank You for giving us Your Word to help us know about our future.  Help us to carefully search out the truths within it so we will be prepared for what is to come.  I pray especially for the one who is reading this now, that You will make Yourself known to them in such a clear way that they will ever desire to draw nearer to You. 

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