Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Slightly Disobedient Frog

Slightly disobedient frog.
There once was a young little frog,
Who liked to play in the bog,
So he stayed and he played,
Long after they said,
He should “leave for the day and go home”.

He knew what was best, he thought,
And said to himself, “I’m quite smart,
So, I’ll do as I please,
I’m tired of their pleas,
To stop having fun and get out.”

So, he splashed a bit more in the pond,
And swam with the fishes ‘til dawn.
He had heard all the warnings,
But still stayed until morning,
Romping with high froggie fun.

He only thought he was quite bright,
And stayed much long that night.
Then when the temperature plunged,
And he no longer could jump,
It cost him the rest of his life.

Just a slightly disobedient frog
Having oh, so much fun in the bog,
He only wanted to play,
More than obey
The wisdom of those on the log.

So our tale starts again with us two,
Yes, that’s me and perhaps even you,
When we think we know better
Than God's truth in His letter
Like the frog, we lose our lives too.

The sin in our lives works that way.
“Just stay a bit longer and play”
Is the song that it sings
While it lies and deceives
Us more and more every day.

Venturing outside of His will,
Looking for all the cheap thrills,
We stay far too long,
Blinded by wrong,
Until we lose both our lives and the thrill.

So, now comes the time for our test,
When we try to determine what’s best,
Listen to wisdom? Obey?
Or be happy to stay and just play?
Seems clear to me, want to guess?

The sad, little tale of the frog,
Does not have to be yours at all!
You can trust God today,
Have life, and obey,

And live happily in the grandest way of all!

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