Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Name is Lisa, and I Am An Addict

Cactus? Hummingbird?
It’s an addiction, some call it a disease, and I have it.  I’ve known for years that it was there and never really tried to do anything about it.  Recently, I joined a support group-Hummingbirds Anonymous.  It’s a great group for those with the same affliction – the pure joy of hummingbirds.  We share pictures and stories of our birds, and learn together about their antics, habits, likes and dislikes.

Most of us have a few dozen hummers who take up residence each spring and summer, and then eventually leave us for warmer abodes when nighttime temperatures start to near freezing; fair-weathered friends indeed.

It is now November.  All my little feathered temporary residents have gone and we are comforting each other in this sad, sad time.  Oh, and indeed it is a sad, sad time of withdrawal.  It is particularly sad for me because I so miss my two long term hummingbird residents Oscar and Windy.  They lived with us for quite some time while I was their rehabilitator/Mom.  I expect to have their story (Oscar, the Extraordinary Hummingbird) in book form by Spring 2015, and hope you have a chance to read it.  In the meantime, we wait for the return of our delightful little friends.

Because Spring seems so terribly far away, we tend to seek out all things hummingbird; it’s part of the addiction.  It is not a difficult search; there are many enablers out there supplying us with a fix of hummingbird figurines, Christmas ornaments, stationery, dishes, napkins, wood carvings, string lights, shower curtains, wallpaper, plates and all manner of reminders of our little friends.  A fellow addict posted a beautiful picture of her Thanksgiving Cactus bloom that had a striking resemblance to a hummer in flight, perhaps approaching a blossom.  Mine isn’t quite as pretty, but maybe you can see the resemblance.  I thought it was quite a good likeness of a bird in a bloom.

Does it seem that way to you? That is, when you have something on your mind you see it everywhere?  While I have admitted my fascination with the tiny birds, I also have a complete and total dependence upon God.  I see Him EVERYWHERE.  Maybe you do too.  Not, the image of Christ burned in toast kind of thing, but His presence, His touch in all creation.  It is evident in the creation of the speedy little birds which are given the knowledge and ability to navigate vast distances, and in the large cliff dwelling eagles which are equipped with strength, courage and even wisdom. 

Our little Schnauzer exhibits the loyalty, and unconditional love that would befit a child of God.  The tiny seeds that grow into mighty trees, the delicious fruit born of blossoms pollinated by bees and other insects, exquisite lily blooms that only live for a single day and then wither away, all speak to a Creator; a Creator of infinitely more knowledge and ability than we can imagine, and One Who loves us far, far more than we can imagine. 

While I have admitted my fondness for critters here and in many other posts, my greatest fondness is finding out more about my Creator, our Father who has made all this for us, and given us our very lives.  He loves us so very much more than the birds – who are exquisitely made, and more than the lilies – that are gloriously clothed.  To understand that, is to begin to understand His love for us.  While I cannot possibly understand that level of love, I do seek to grow toward that understanding.  The more I learn about Him, the more I understand His love, compassion, mercy and grace.  Honestly though, the more I learn, the more I need to know.  It’s an addiction, and I have it.  I pray you do too.

Father, we are so thankful for the beauty of Your creation.  We see Your great and mighty hand all around us from the stars to the tiniest of creatures.  We cannot comprehend Your profound love for us, but we thank You for it.  You have designed us for Your purpose and given us life.  Help us to fulfill that purpose in our remaining days, that You will be glorified forever.   

How have you seen the hand of God?  I welcome your comments, and stories of His love.   

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