Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Wreath - Time to Celebrate!

Fall Wreath
Everybody likes a good celebration and there is certainly plenty to celebrate!  This is my “Celebrate Fall” wreath; a reminder on the front door of our many blessings.   I started with some twigs pruned from rambunctious vines, that were pulled and twisted together while still limber, into a continuous loop suitably proportioned to the door onto which it hangs.   The first additions were some fresh Magnolia and Nandina, broken from their live hosts and settled into a new home with the firmly secured pruned twigs.  Their former lives are now left behind, and a new purpose established. 

With a sturdy base, and fresh greenery woven in, the next addition is a bow.  Sometimes I put them on the top, with tendrils hanging down, other times to the side, this one is stationed at the bottom.  I used plain burlap and tied it into a simple bow.  Don’t you just love earthy, scratchy old burlap?  It is functional, raw and beautiful all at the same time.   It is actually a made of tiny twisted ropes delicately woven together into ribbons of useful and lovely burlap, with each rope comprised of many, many fibers tightly wound together so that each one is so tightly bound to the other, they become one continuous rope. 

With the framework and base in place, time for the main attraction, the showstoppers and music makers (well, they don’t actually make audible music, just the kind that makes you smile).  Pumpkins, nuts, berries, and fabulously colored leaves of the season now front and center, make the wreath complete.

Does it seem to you that our families are a lot like that; built on those who have gone before, but laced together with the ties of family?   The church may be even more so.  God’s tender and profitable pruning provides new beginnings and foundations for us.  When twisted together they form a single, unending loop, with no beginning and no end, although made of many individual twigs.  We leave our former lives and selves behind, and become a part of something new, each playing an integral part.   Some are in the background and guiding the way for those added later.  Christ could be the bow that is our base, and made of earthly fibers torn and shredded but woven again into an intricate and strong binding material. (Please note – you know it is a gift, when a bow is on the package!)  Together, a beautiful beacon, a call to enter the door is formed, with God receiving the glory, and Jesus, the Christ at the center, our common tie. 

Father, we have so much to celebrate.  Thank You for the change of seasons that causes us to look at and celebrate Your creation in a new light.  Thank you that when we submit our lives to You, You turn them into something much more beautiful than we ever were on our own.  Thank you for the unimaginable gift of Your Son by Whom we can be used for Your kingdom and be able to come into Your presence.  Thank you for continuing to weave us individually into Your church and use our offerings for Your glory.   Make us pliable, useable and beautiful in Your sight today. 

I hope you recognize the hand of God around you today, and worship Him moment by moment.  Please leave a note if you have seen Him today.  I’m guessing you have a great story to tell!

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