Sunday, August 24, 2014

Frog Identity Crisis

Frog in the birdhouse
Look at this cute little fellow.  For a few weeks now he has been hanging out (sorry, I couldn’t resist) in this little birdhouse.  I don’t really know if there is an identity crisis or if he is just taking advantage of the opportunity with which he has been presented.  I like to think it might be just making himself at home.  You know, “come on over to my house, sit a spell and make yourself comfortable”.  (It’s a Southern hospitality thing.)  I’m so glad he came into our yard, or shares his yard with us, depending on your perspective. 

I have been hesitant to get very close to him so as not to frighten him away, after all, he is just about an inch of frog, and I am a big old human.  Today, he was tolerant of me enough to let me capture his little face on camera.  Isn’t he just the most handsome little guy (for a frog, I mean)?  If you could only see him up close, you would see he looks like tree bark, lichen and all.  Just look at that pose, adorable.  He knows he is handsome doesn’t he?

There are numerous frogs in our locale including, but not limited to; metal, concrete, pond, and tree.  I suppose this guy is a tree frog, because he seems to hang out in a tree and is equipped with great tree camouflage.  Other tree frogs with whom I have become acquainted are bright green and squat into the cutest little wad, disappearing onto leaves.  The big old pond frogs love to have their bellies in the water, and pretend to be a rock. 
While you and I are not frogs, we are all uniquely designed.  Some of you have great athletic ability, some have a great intellect, some are talented in the kitchen, or on a computer, others in the garage - my husband is one of those!  We are all human but designed for different functions.  We would laugh to think that this little guy really wanted to be a pond frog, and play splash with the goldfish.  He might be able to do that, but it would not be fulfilling the purpose for which he was both designed and equipped.    

How about us? You and I are also perfectly designed and equipped to serve our Father.  Some teach, some are prayer warriors, some distribute hugs, handshakes, smiles and encouragement.  We do not all look the same and we are not all equipped to do the same job.  But, we can work together in the furtherance of His kingdom, doing what we are individually equipped to do.  

Thank you, Father in heaven, for Your beautiful creation.  We thank You for creating us individually and giving us an ability to have fellowship with You and to serve You. Help us to find the ways we can best serve You.  Help us to realize that our differences are part of Your design and help us to faithfully honor and glorify You in all we say, do and desire.     
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