Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dry Spells, Raindrops, and Deep Roots

Bald Cypress holding raindrops
It is a tall, stately tree now but, this stately Bald Cypress was started from a tiny seed several years ago by my sweet uncle who shares my love of all things green.  When he transferred ownership to me, this guy was less than three feet tall.  Now, it towers thirty feet or more in height.  I enjoy watching things grow, looking for progress every week or at least every season, providing the best environment possible for their health, and they in turn are following God’s command to be fruitful and multiply. 

This particular type tree is often found near the banks of rivers because it needs a lot of water and likes to have its “toes wet” so to speak.  With that understanding and a lack of a nearby lake, river or stream, I watered it faithfully for its first few years in our yard.   After that, I watered less often to encourage its little roots to dig deeper.  It did indeed develop deep, strong roots and no longer requires daily watering.  When it does get a good shower, it seems to want to hold onto every little drop.  Just look at it today, glistening with droplets it has held captive from last night’s rain, little treasures of life giving moisture, as if it is savoring every wet morsel.

This same morning, after the same rain, in the same yard, this Hosta plant has dry leaves.  There is no water lingering on the top of them but, not because it needs less water, it just has a different means of using it.  If we look closely at its design, we find a great funnel system.  The slick broad leaves gather moisture and the deep creases in the middle of each leaf direct the water toward the center of the plant and its roots.  It isn’t a great and mighty 30 foot tree, it is only a little one foot plant.  It is a short plant, with short roots, but it gathers its water in a very effective manner. 

Whether we are towering trees or little plants;
1           *We all need to be firmly planted by a stream (His Word) in order to flourish. 
2           * He will fill us with living water that satisfies like no other. 
3          *Our roots need to be established early so we don’t topple. 
4          *When life is dry, our roots grow deeper.            

Thank you Father for revealing to us how much you care for all that You have created, including us.  Thank you for the nourishing and living water You have provided for our very lives.  Help us today to cling to every drop, to be firmly rooted in You, to grow, and multiply our faith as You commanded.

I encourage you to share your story of faith, dry spells or watering from the Father Who loves you. I look forward to hearing your story!