Thursday, July 24, 2014

Strawberries and ducks

Strawberry seeds.
Look at that beautiful little fellow unashamedly showing his seeds!  He is a strawberry and not embarrassed by that at all.  Not only that but, displaying his seeds (future little strawberries) on the outside, uncovered for all to see.  Admittedly, I have led a somewhat sheltered life, but I have yet to meet a strawberry who hid, or even tried to hide, his seeds, if you have, please let me know

Have you watched the TV program Duck Dynasty?  It is neither about ducks nor dynasties, but a family building their lives and business around Biblical principles.  Yep, they are “Happy, happy, happy” because of their relationship with Jesus not because of their notoriety or wealth.  They are strawberries showing their seeds.  They have received criticism for standing by the Word of God rather than what is politically correct.  They have their seeds in plain sight.  Reminds me of what Paul declared in the book of Romans, and is still good solid doctrine today; “I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation”.  How can we possibly be an effective witness if we hide and are ashamed of our seeds of salvation?  Beloved, we have the seeds of faith, of life – and that is worth sharing today!
God I thank you for the witness of those who are unashamed to share the truth-the gospel- and I ask your help for us today to be faithful,  unashamed and effective witnesses for You in everything we do today.

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