Friday, July 25, 2014

Dirty Dogs Not Allowed

Clean up required prior to admission.
Just look at that little 21 pound of cuteness wrapped in a Schnauzer suit. Isn't he sweet?  Not only that, he is quite the entertainer (at least for those of us who are easily entertained).  Today, while we were out for our morning walk, his curiosity and olfactory prowess located a snake who was sunning in our asparagus bed.  Smokey really wanted a confirmation sniff, but the reptile did not appreciate the intrusion.  Thankfully, I was only two steps behind aforementioned sweet doggie, so I warned (well, I ordered) him to “get back”!  I must say he was glad to oblige, and obediently went to his safe place on our back porch. He is a good little doggie.  That was earlier today.  Later today, he ventured outside again and he dined on grass clippings, found and munched on some tiny “tootsie roll” snacks left by a visiting rabbit, and washed it all down with fishy water from the pond.  That’s just today, he often flosses his teeth with grass, and wallows (seriously, wallows like a pig) in the wet grass right after a bath, goes into burr and tick habitats…yes, when my sweet little boy goes out in the world, he acts like a dog!

Because we are people and don’t want our house to smell like a dog house, we try to restrict some of the contamination and insist that all dirty dogs (no matter how sweet) must be cleaned up before entering.  No rabbit pellets, burrs, grass, fishy whiskers, or ticks are welcome.  So, prior to being granted entrance, he must present himself to the master (or mistress) of the house for inspection upon a certain couch (well, his couch) on the back porch, equipped with towels, brushes, tick removal implements etc.  He knows the routine, and willingly submits to the inspection and brushing process, because he wants to come inside with us.

In my Father’s house, there is a similar restriction.  His House will not be contaminated with sin, and we live in the nasty world.  Just as Smokey can’t clean himself enough to enter our home, we can’t clean ourselves enough to enter the totally sinless and completely undefiled presence of God.  So, how then do we gain entrance?  Like the dog, we admit our sinful, worldly state, and submit ourselves to the Master of the house for inspection, and cleaning.  Those are not easy things to do, admitting you are sinful, and submitting to cleaning.  (Maybe submission may be in your nature, but me, not so much.)  I really don’t like to consider, much less admit that I do bad things.  On the other hand, I really do not want to disappoint my Father and desperately desire to be with Him.  Let’s face it - Smokey is a dog no matter how many “manners and tricks” he learns, and his nature is to behave like a dog.  We are defiled humans, and our nature is to behave in a  sinful manner, no matter how many “nice or good”  things we do.  

I pray that we will set aside our prideful nature, defiance, and denial and present ourselves to our Father for inspection, and cleaning; submitting to Him every element of our lives so that we will resist wallowing in the things which displease Him and relish being invited to come into His house.  Psalm 32:5 “I acknowledged my sin to Thee, and my iniquity I did not hide; I said, “I will confess my transgression to the LORD”; and Thou didst forgive me the guilt of my sin.”

My sin, Psalm 32