Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Cuckoo Conversation

Unhappy Cuckoo
I never had been formally introduced to a cuckoo (bird, that is) before today. This meeting was not one of niceties, but of necessity.  

This one made a bad decision; a really bad decision. He flew into a garage. Mind you, that in itself isn’t such a bad thing – unless you don’t know the way out. He didn’t.

After a long while of avoiding his rescuer and trying to fly out of the ceiling and knocking down the garage door rails, he tired enough for my husband (you will remember Mr. Tall Dark & Handsome) to nab him.

Mr. TD&H presented his catch to me wrapped in a chamois, from said garage.  Mr. Cuckoo was a mess. His bloodied little head told me he butted against walls with all his little bird strength to find his way out. A closer inspection (much to his disliking) revealed that his little head feathers were broken off at the nub. Just a guess but, he might have a stubborn streak.

Once a rehabber, always a rehabber (you may remember my adventure with Oscar the extraordinary hummingbird, baby blue birds…) I gathered supplies. Rubber gloves, paper towels, water, aloe were my initial tools for this job.

We found a spot in the shade and started to work. From the look in his eyes he didn’t appreciate it one little bit, but he needed attention so, I took the end of a paper towel and wet it to clean his bloody head. His protests quieted so the cool water must have been some comfort. After a few dabs I found no lacerations, so I finished cleaning and applied a little aloe for healing.

With him safely wrapped like a chamois cuckoo burrito, and turned him over. There were no other obvious wounds. His screams of protest began again when he was upright. I can’t give you an exact translation because I am not fluent in Cuckoo. I can tell you if Mommy Cuckoo was listening, he may be in for a “washing of the beak!” The video only includes his "nice words."

We found him well enough to try for a release. With his patience with me drawing to an end, I took a picture. Notice his "sweet smile?" Stubborn and unhappy. 

We no more than unwrapped his burrito than off he flew. No thank you. No tender good-byes. Off to the nearest tree and life as before. He may have some explaining to do about his head injury but, should be fine.

If the little guy had used a helmet – he could have avoided his injury. I am sorry he had such a rough day. Because he didn’t listen when Mr. TD&H tried to explain the way out for him, he probably wouldn’t have listened to me either. We did what we could in light of his situation. It is up to him whether or not he learned any lessons.

The same is true for us. The helmet of salvation protects us from injury to our heads. Indeed our enemy wants to get in there and bloody us up with false teachings. He is the father of lies and will do his best to fill our heads with them – unless we have our helmet.

Things I learned
  • Without God, we are likely to go places and be found in situations that cause us harm and from which we can’t find our way out.
  • When (Christian) help comes, it would be beneficial to listen.
  • When offering help (Truth) to one in distress, you may encounter screams of protest. Be willing to wait and offer Truth anyway. Earnestly contend for the faith.
  • When offering Truth you must be prepared for both reception and rejection. Offer Truth anyway.
  • When you give life-saving Truth to one and they reject it today, it may open a door to another day. Don’t be discouraged – one plants, another waters – God gives the increase.
  • If you reject the Truth, you can expect to make harmful decisions over and over again.

If you see a little guy who looks like this,
 tell him I said "hi!" and he is
welcome to come back and visit,
and finish our conversation.

Cuckoos are considered “brood parasites.” They often lay their eggs in another’s nest. If you find a cuckoo in your nest,
  • Take care of them as if they are your own.
  • Teach them the Truth.
  • Give them access to a helmet.
  • Realize – the decision is theirs.

“Stand firm therefore,
in addition to all, taking up the shield of faith
with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.
and the sword of the Spirit,
which is the word of God. “
Ephesians 6:14-17
Dear Father in heaven,
I confess that I was just like this little bird, lost without a clue how to get out of my sin. Thank You for Your patience and love toward me while I was still flying on my own.

Father, it was Your love that provided my escape from sin. Your love paid a price above comprehension to rescue me from the eternity that I deserved. Thank You for your provision for eternity and Your provision for today. I especially thank You for Your Word that lights the path for my feet, that I will not stumble or stray.

I pray for all those reading this right now, that they will know You and know of Your love for them. Make Yourself known to them in a real and personal way today. Help them to see the need for You and help me find ways to minister to those who need to hear.

I am so thankful that You have provided all I need for the battle while I am here on earth. I trust You with my today and my eternity.

I pray in the precious name of Jesus, my Rescuer and Redeemer, 

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