Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Meet Scott Boucher, author of When Goodness Finds You

Author Scott Boucher
I am pleased to introduce you to author Scott Boucher. He has been involved in numerous aspects of Church ministry for over 30 years and served as Administrator of Mount Carmel Bible Institute from 2004-2006. 

Scott describes himself as a teacher at heart.  “I love to inspire others to experience the freedom that intimacy with God provides.” Although he doesn’t have a writing background, he is a man “who simply adores God, and enjoys spending time with Him.” 

When you are passionate about something, and you know that millions are longing to experience God in the same way that I have been experiencing Him for years—it makes it easy.  By the grace of God, I began seeking the Lord passionately when I was just a teenager.  I planted my roots deep into God early in my walk with Him.  One of the important truths to developing intimacy is this: you can’t be in a hurry!  I patiently waited on the Lord till I found Him—you have to search with all your heart.  God taught me about the concept of approach.  I grew in confidence and did away with the performance-oriented approach I used to have toward God.  The deeper I believed His Word, and the more I meditated upon it—the more real He became to me.”

When Goodness Finds You, was written to “help people discover the 5 keys to intimacy with God that empowers them to approach God with confidence and begin to exhale in His presence.  Millions are longing for a breakthrough in their life.  Many are frustrated; they have been a Christian for years, but they feel like something is missing—there has to be something more.  You won’t find many books like this one.  There are countless books on prayer, but the focus of those books is how to pray.  The focus of my book is on how we relate to God, and how that affects our approach to Him, which ultimately affects whether we will experience intimacy with Him or not.”

“One of my favorite stories from the book is how I used to delight myself in the Lord.  I used to call it “taking God golfing”.  It was typically rather spontaneous.  It was similar to a man and woman saying to each other, “Hey, let’s do something tonight.  Yeah, let’s go out on a date.”  I would usually wait for a laid-back Sunday afternoon in the summer when the weather was pretty much perfect.  Then I would say to God, “Hey, let’s go golfing today, just you and I.”  God would always say yes.  So off on our date we would go.  I’ll leave the rest of the story for the readers of my book to enjoy.  Don’t want to spoil you.”

What do you want your readers to take away from it? “I want them to not only be inspired, but start taking the steps that will lead them toward intimacy with God.  I want to see them turn experience into relationship…a relationship where intimacy is an everyday reality for them.  I want each and every one of my readers to fall so deeply in love with God that their desire for God is taken to a much higher level.”

An excerpt from When Goodness Finds You -
“We are all just trying to find our way through life.  Some of us might not even be aware of that, but it’s true.  

Unfortunately for the majority of us, we rush expeditiously through this adventure called life.  We don’t take the time to smell the flowers, dance in the puddles, or linger at the crosswalk.  We rush right past a thousand faces on our way to…nowhere.  The beauty and delight of a dream is lost to the reality of a life of busyness.

I’ve watched my daughter several times from the front window of our house as she dances in the puddles during a rainstorm—with boots, a raincoat, and an umbrella.  The funny thing is that she ran outside to do that a few years ago—when she was eleven years old!  I think I’ll join her next time.  Oh—the simple pleasures that life provides!  What an opportunity that has been bestowed upon us.  If only we would allow ourselves the freedom to dance in the puddles, to linger at the crosswalks of life.  But we are too mature for all of that, of course.  That is how we think; that is who we are.  Hence, the longings go unfulfilled; the dreams remain a wish that never comes true.   

Indeed, we all have deep longings inside of us.  Some of them are as simple as the desire to dance in the puddles.  Most would admit that they are unsure as to what those longings really are.  The reason we have a hard time identifying them is because we are largely unaware of who we are, and what we are to be.  So we spend precious little time in pursuit of the discovery of these longings.  The admission of their existence reminds us of the harsh realities of life—too painful, too complex, and extremely boring at times.  We look the other way; we don’t even want to consider it.  

To find a way through the dream is to find God in the midst of the dream.  Someone may say, “I have forgotten how to dream.  I don’t like to think about my days of innocence—they are gone.  How can I return to a life of innocence and begin to dream again?”  If that’s you, I’m glad you asked.  Here’s the answer: Find God in the midst of your dreams.  God can enable you to dream again.  Set yourself free to allow the dreaming to begin in your life.” 

Scott Boucher

I live in Menasha, Wisconsin with my wife, Mary, and our two children, Josiah and Victoria.  

Fun facts: I used to trade highly-volatile stock options on a regular basis.  And the most adorable looking cat in the entire world lives at my house.  She goes by the name of Macy.

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