Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Meet Christian author Ginger Sanders!

Ginger Sanders, Christian author

I am so pleased to introduce you to Christian author, Ginger Sanders! Ginger writes inspirational books for children and adults.  

Tell us about yourself. 
Being in banking and teaching financial fraud at the police academy, I never dreamed God would call me to be a chaplain with The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, much less an author to tell His stories. It is just proof God can use anyone!

I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 49 years and have 10 grandchildren and another on the way. We have two adopted children from S.Korea and two biological children. We all forget they are adopted and are blessed by our children and their spouses.

I also speak at ladies banquets/events and mixed church events. I have done retreats and shared God stories around the US and world. I also guest co host a Christian television show “Friends and Neighbor” out of Atlanta. It is aired on NRB (National Religious Broadcasting) weekly. I have been on numerous television and radio shows.

What is the name of your latest book?  Fireflies will be released June 1. It is a children’s book explaining death to a child and give them the hope of Jesus. 
He Goes Before Us is the latest that is available at the present time for adults.
I also have Round Eyes about our adopted son realizing he looked different, but it was ok because of love. It is a children’s book, based on true stories.

Tell me about the main character(s). Why we want to know about them? Could they be (like) someone we already know? He Goes Before Us contains 31 short stories about when God orchestrated things in people’s lives that only He could have done. Both books contain things that many people struggle with in life, but God’s love and hope prevails in the books.

What prompted you to write this book? As a Billy Graham Chaplain Coordinator, I have been on the front lines of many disasters, natural (storms)and manmade (shootings). God goes before us in those situations and we have seen things only He could have done. When you see God working in lives, He needs to be glorified. He put it on my heart to write these books.

Do you have a favorite scene or story? Every time that God shows up, it is my favorite!

What do you want your readers to take away from it? That God is the same today as He was in the days of Abraham and Moses. He loves us enough to take care of us in our hardships. God is alive and well and working in people’s lives today.

Is this a stand-alone book or part of a series? This is a stand alone book, but may be more in the future.

Will you share an excerpt of the book? One day a Billy Graham Chaplain, one that could speak Russian, volunteered for a day with the team in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. The very next day, he went out and met a man who had been a caregiver for a man who had just past away. The caregiver was Russian! He spoke very little English. The Russian caregiver had a Russian bible, but did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. The chaplain found scriptures in the Russian bible to guide the caregiver to Jesus. Over the hood of the car, the caregiver prayed to receive Christ. The next day, the Russian speaking chaplain was called back to his home in PA. He was there for only the day when the Russian caregiver was there. God orchestrated the meeting and it was a Divine Appointment.
NOTE: This is just a summary of one of the stories. It explains more in the book.

Where can readers find your books and keep in touch?
These books are available on Amazon , Barnes and Noble, and they can contact me social media listed below. I would be happy to sign and send them one. Or they can buy at the local bookstores, If the book is not in the bookstore, they can order it for them.
Twitter @gingersanders
Facebook   Ginger Sanders

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