Saturday, January 23, 2016

Faithful footprints

Where will YOUR tracks lead me?
Not exactly a blizzard, but enough to claim as a "real" snow. Perhaps living in the south makes me appreciate the white stuff more than those who deal with it for months at a time. If I had to shovel it, I probably wouldn't be terribly excited about it either. So, I hope you will forgive my enthusiasm over our whopping one inch of snow!

You have to admit freshly fallen snow is beautiful. It somehow causes things we normally miss, to be evident. The tiniest of twigs on our trees somehow balance the powder in perfect ballerina poses. Outside my window, spectacular cardinals pick off the remaining seeds from lanky okra stems. Even the footprints of a certain schnauzer are photo-worthy. Well, they are to ME. 
Schnauzer tracks in the snow.
He likes this little bridge, and uses it on his normal patrol of his
kingdom. I used to think he enjoyed the height, and indeed he lingers in his "king of the hill" pose on it pretty often.  Now, I believe it is just a fun thing for him to do, partly habit but mostly fun.

While I was surveying our snowfall accumulation I spotted this evidence of his adventure. I don't have a tracking nose like he does, but I can spot pawprints in the snow. 

Like it or not, we leave trails too, even without snow. How carefully would we order our steps if we could see them so easily? How many are tracking our trails? Where will they end up if they follow mine? Will it take them somewhere they should not go?

Things to remember about our steps... 
  • Our steps are important. They take you down paths of righteousness or unrighteousness. One step off the path God has for you can set your life on a different direction entirely.

  • Our steps indicate our heart. The choices and direction of our daily steps are a direct result of our heart, whether we are listening to God or following our own desires. Does it honor God or just fulfill a desire of mine?

  • Our steps leave an impact - for good or bad. If you knew that someone you love would follow your footsteps, would you STILL take them?

  • Our steps are visible. If a surveillance camera followed you for every step, would you be embarassed? How would you walk if you remembered God sees every step?

I thank You for providing us Your Word as a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths. The way can be dark, and the path can be hard to find. Thank You for never leaving us or forsaking us on our journey.

I pray that every person reading this will continually seek Your guidance for every step in their life. I pray we will leave behind steps that glorify You. I pray all who come behind us find us faithful. 

May all who come behind us find us faithful...Steve Green

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