Saturday, July 4, 2015

Schindler, Winton, You and Me

“Don’t leave anything on the field.” It is a common mantra for athletes and competitors. The implied meaning has to do with doing your best and giving your all before the time is up.

Sir Nicholas Winton was like that. He took action and is credited with saving 669 children from the Nazis, when most were looking away. 
Sir Nicolas Winton 1909- July 1 2015

Oskar Schindler acted too, saving 1,200 lives, when he could have simply done nothing, lived under the radar and out of personal danger. You may have seen the movie based upon his "list". When many were too afraid to act, were unconcerned because it didn’t affect them personally or any variety of reasons to not get involved, these two took action. 
Oskar Schindler 1908-1974

I was fascinated with this interview with Sir Winton in 2014 when he was 105. I fully expected to learn that he was a devout Christian but instead found he was only "interested" in religion. He saw religion as a facade, even hypocrisy but had high regard for "ethics". Even so, he did more than most in the dire situation. More than was expected. (Read the interview here - ) 

I wonder what it would look like if Christians left nothing on the field, and lived without regard to their own well-being, putting the lives and eternity of others before themselves, as Christ did. 

Carol Round recently issued a challenge, a double dog dare kind of challenge to go one degree further. (Read her blog/challenge here )That is what Schindler and Sir Winton did. Their going of that ‘extra mile” made all the difference for the lives that were rescued. If these two men had simply minded their own business, done nothing, looked away, listened to their fears, those people would have likely perished. Instead their actions are remembered these generations later, and lives were forever changed.

There will come a time when all our actions will be recognized. A time of judgment for things we did and didn’t do that we could have and should have done. If you are like I am, there will likely be regret for missed opportunities. At the end of the Schlindler's List movie, his heart is broken and  he sobs "I should have done more."

So, I join the double dog dare to do more, and I dare you to do one more thing, go beyond that comfort zone and into the work zone. Looking at the examples of just these two men, what valid excuse could we possibly have? Let’s not leave anything on the timeline of our life history that should have been done! Let’s not just pass the time, but use our time wisely and for His kingdom! Join me?

Father, when we consider all You have given, we cannot stand on the sideline. We see people hurting, and believing lies, and left alone. Give us the courage to stand alongside those who need to see You. Give us strength to stand for Your Word, the Truth. Give us opportunity and nudge us to do even more today. Thank You for Your example of giving all, and Your promise to never leave us or forsake us on this journey.

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