Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hungry Birds and the Mealworm Menu

Baby being fed, and Indigo waiting his turn.

You may remember from the previous two blogs [part 1)Baby Bluebirds and Worm Soup - here and part 2) Baby Bluebirds and Unanswered Prayers - here] that Indigo and Baby Bluebird have chosen to fight to live. I am pleased to report that they are alive and growing! You can see in the picture that Baby has grown more feathers, and Indigo's feathers are filling out nicely.

As you know, every living thing has to have nourishment, and these two have allowed me to help them with their daily requirement of sustenance. Worms. Mealworms to be specific. They are past worm soup, and promoted to whole worms rehydrated with enough water to soften them for baby bluebird tummies.

Baby in front and Indigo - "Open Wide"
My challenge is holding on to the slippery things long enough to get them into the yellow caverns that lead to bird tummies. It is tricky, trust me. When I give our secret whistle/signal – even I don’t know what it means – their little fuzzy heads pop up like a Jack-In-The-Box with mouths open wider than seems possible. My little birds are talented like that. You can hear them and watch the process on the video below.

Even though they give me a giant target for the worm deposit, I have to carefully hold and place the slippery things in just the right place and allow the Indigo and Baby to “suck” on my finger to stretch their throats and allow the snacks to pass.  They are eager every time, and even patient to allow the other to finish before expecting their own.  

According to Bluebird experts (Bluebird survey, I suppose) meal worms are among Bluebird’s favorite snacks, mealworms for breakfast, lunch and dinner and every few minutes in-between. No menu needed. Just give them mealworms and everyone is happy. 

You may remember that food was provided daily for a group God was rescuing from slavery. Unlike those who were given manna every day, day in and day out, day after day, year after year, the Bluebirds don’t complain. (I am not casting judgment mind you, I too have been guilty of complaining.) They are more than satisfied with mealworms, and happy to have them.

Is my desire for spiritual nourishment like the birds or the complainers? If I recognize the importance of daily consumption of His life-giving Word, how could I possibly tire of reading something so full of life, and hope and love?

The birds are growing past the need for only a portion of the worms at a time, and graduating to softened whole worms. How precious to see them eager to grow. I pray that you and I too will hunger and thirst for the righteousness Matt 5:6 in His Word and strive to devour the whole counsel (purpose) of God Acts 20:27. I pray we will be willing to share the source of life with patience. I pray we will take the time to give tiny morsels and bites to those who are eager and learning. I pray we will fill ourselves with the meat so that we have an understanding to rightly share the proper morsels at the proper time.

When feeding young –
  • Be equipped with the life-giving Word.
  • Recognize the need and offer food.
  • Start with little portions they can handle.
  • Feed them often, they need nourishment to grow. You may be their only source of food.
  • Linger a while so they can suck all the details necessary for proper digestion, and prevent choking.
  • Be ready and available to give them more as their hunger increases.

Dear heavenly Father, we thank You for giving us so many examples of Your love in Your Word, and in Your world. This love compels us to share with those who are malnourished and dying, and we need Your instruction to properly share it. Help us have patience and wisdom to give the proper diet at the proper time.

Bless those seeking the Word today and all those willing to share it. Give them courage to seek You more and more as they grow. Help us to desire a steady diet of the Truth, and the opportunity to share what You have provided through Jesus.

I pray a whole flock will gather around us to hear the good news that satisfies the soul!
Are you hungry for more? Do you have the Truth and been given opportunity to share? I hope you will share your story here. We are all encouraged to hear what God is doing!

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