Monday, May 4, 2015

Wrong Robins

Robin baby.
It was a day of slander and defamation of character, mine. They based their opinion – very loud opinion – on appearances. They were wrong, but didn’t listen to my explanation. They were too busy screaming and calling for backup. It was very innocent, just taking a picture of their babies and lovely nest in a Foster Holly bush. To them, it looked like murder, or at least attempted murder.

I walked away and gave my best soothing-voice apology to no avail. They were joined by the sparrows, blue birds, mockingbirds, house finches, and cardinals, all of which trusted their bird-kin, and mistrusted me. With all of them giving me the eye of shame and squawks of indignity it was quite humiliating. They refused to hear my words but listened the loud, angry, and incorrect words of the robins. They didn’t even accept my peace offering of dried mealworms.

Now, I don’t blame Mr. and Mrs. Robin for wanting to protect their home and children. I also know they couldn’t understand my human words but, it seems like a common trait we share - speaking badly of someone before we know all the facts. Being “quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger” James 1:19( Click to read the first chapter of James) are character traits that Christians should embody. The robins didn’t, and I confess, I have at times been guilty of that very thing. Maybe you have too.  If only they had listened, if only I hadn’t spoken so quickly…regrets that
can’t be undone.

Father, help us remember to be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger. Help us to listen carefully to You before we express our anger about a circumstance. Help us to not speak against others or repeat words spoken in anger. Forgive our impatience, and strengthen our understanding. Thank You for Your patience with us.

If a little birdie tells you about my massacre, I hope you will not believe it, and perhaps be able to tell them the truth, even brag on their baby pictures a bit!

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