Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cadbury the Chabbit Finding "Happily Ever After"

Cadbury the Chabbit.
When I heard this precious story from dear friends with a working farm, and thus lots of critters, I just had to share it with you.  It is the story of a handsome lop-eared bunny, who lived with other bunnies. His happily ever after was redirected when the bunny population increased, and this bunny daddy was moved to a new home.

The little guy had no choice about where he landed but, was given the dream of a rodent lifetime opportunity to live on a farm. At this abode, there were no female rabbits, but plenty of fellow rodents – Guinea Pigs - with whom he could live out his little rodent life.  They were properly introduced with the hope that they would get along nicely and enjoy a new happily ever after.  That was plan A.  You know what they say about the best laid plans of rodents and men.
While he didn’t have a choice about living on the farm, he did have a choice of friends. The only problem was, they didn’t accept him or he didn’t accept them. No one is telling. Either way, he just didn’t fit in.

This new kid on the farm looked around and found some friends with more accepting hearts, unlikely friends, but good friends nonetheless. Mr. Bunny decided to friend the chickens. Some think it was because of their elegant two-story dwelling You might even argue that it speaks to the intelligence (or lack thereof) of the chickens or maybe the audacity of a rabbit but, I believe it was the friendship. Acceptance is a good building block for a peaceful life so, it seems he chose wisely. His choice earned him the moniker Cadbury the Chabbit (chicken+rabbit).

It works that way with us, too. People tend to remember their school days with either good or bad memories based upon their friendships and acceptance into social groups. Families have a similar dynamic with some feeling less than the favorite or somehow rejected. It seems that people gravitate toward other people who accept them. It is a matter of comfort and peace with acceptance being the common glue.

God knows this. After all, He created us and lived in flesh for a time. He understands rejection. He wants us to feel accepted and loved, even when we feel we don’t deserve it. Actually, we don’t deserve it, but He loves us anyway! Like a lop-eared bunny and the hen house, we have no right to enter into His holy and righteous presence yet, He invites us to do just that. His engraved invitation was inscribed on His flesh when He paid our entrance fee. By our sinful nature, we only deserve a sinner’s reward, yet He offers by His grace and through our faith – something entirely different. Heaven.

He calls us His sons and daughters by adoption. Joint heirs with His Son Jesus. Heirs to all the universe He created.(Romans 8:14-17 Heirs to eternal life with Him in a place so marvelous we cannot even begin to imagine. A place where there is no night, no tears, and no conflict – ever. A true family reunion with a happily ever after. Cadbury has the right idea. It isn’t genes that make us family, it is love and acceptance.    

Most gracious Father in Heaven, we are amazed at the love You have shown us. That while we were still so filthy with sin, You invited us to come into Your holy and righteous dwelling place. We understand how undeserving we are and give You our praise and thanksgiving for Your mercy that allows us to enter anyway. Thank You for paying the unimaginable cost for our entrance. Help us to walk in a manner worthy of what You have done for us.

 I look forward to meeting my brothers and sisters at our Father’s house. Will you be there?

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