Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Glitter, sparkle and shine!

“Glitter, glitter, glitter!  There is glitter everywhere!” complains my husband. COMMENTS, I mean, comments my husband!  It is true that at this time of year, I am guilty of bringing out the glitter.  Some people string lights, I spread the glitter.  There is glitter on the tree, on the ornaments, glitter under the tree, glitter on the wreath, stockings, packages, and tables.  I like glitter, it just adds extra sparkle, and I’m a little short of sparkle, so I bring out the glitter! What is NOT to love? 

Well, actually, my husband’s COMMENTS have to do with the spread of the glitter.  It tends to march around the house.  Well, more likely these little sparklies tend to grab onto us when we touch them, then travel for a while until they find a new landing spot.  Now we have glitter on our rugs (read “embedded deeply into” our oriental rug), on our placemats, on the chairs, on our clothes, shoes and places I won’t mention.  So, no doubt we have also tracked it into the car, and to places we have traveled in recent days, not to mention the hugs and handshakes in between.

As you know, these tiny shiny bits don’t have light in themselves, but rather they reflect the light around them.
What if our faith is like that?
What if God’s light within us is reflected to those around us?
What if that spreads everywhere we go?
You and I are like little bits of glitter reflecting God to all those around us.  Actually, I kind of like being that kind of a sparklie and certainly have a lot to sparkle about in that regard.  I hope you do too.

Father, we celebrate and thank You for coming to live on earth in the flesh, and taking the punishment for my sins.  You have promised that You will live within us when we trust You, and have given us Your light to shine within us.  Help us today to reflect Your love and spread Your glory everywhere we go and to everyone we meet.  May my tracks always leave traces of You.

So, go sparkle!  Let your life reflect His light that lives in you!  It’s a dark and cold world, and they need to see a glimmer of hope.  If you have Christ, you have EXACTLY what they need – glitter!

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