Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Alabama Red Okra
Look at these beautiful Alabama Red Okra!  Freshly picked and washed, they are just glorious to behold, and to consume.  However, if you are a gardener, you have already noticed something significant about this picking.  Although Alabama Red are a "rotund" (I don't like to use the "f" word) variety, these are,shall we say "extra rotund". My knife confirmed that they are past the point of being useful on any plate, so to the garbage they go.

Today is like that.  You and I each have opportunities that are only valid for the day.  That kind word, phone call, voice of encouragement, prayer and hope to someone who so desperately needs it, all must be done before it is too late.

I pray that both you and I will redeem our time wisely.  Our days are numbered, and our time will come to an end.  Will there be much left undone? Or will we serve our purpose? Set aside some time today to consult with your Father, ask Him to show you how to serve Him even more fully today. 

Father, we thank you for Your glorious creation that demonstrates for us such profound truths.  Help us to see clearly Your hand at work, and help us to be ever more diligent to redeem our time wisely, bringing glory to You and Your kingdom.

As always, thank you for visiting, and for your comments.  I look forward to hearing what God has prompted you to do today!

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