Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Okra pods and promises

Okra blossom - promise of fruit to come.
A man of his word” have you known someone like that? If they said they would do it, then you can count on it, they will do it.  You can “consider it done” when they have given their word or promise.  Promises are supposed to work that way.  Some people take them very seriously, knowing their reputation rests on their words because how well you keep your promises can literally define your trustworthiness.  
For some promises, there is a tradition or requirement of your true intention to fulfill your promise.  A “proof of promise” until it happens. If you are buying a home, it may come in the form of earnest money, a down payment.  If you have pledged your love and intention to marry someone, it probably came in the form of a ring to be worn to show the world your promise to be faithful to that one person “until death do you part”.  The faithful house payments and faithful marriage are the fulfilling of your promises over time. 
In my Father’s world, He shows us very clear evidences of His promises.  This lovely delicate flower is part of the evidence that the Alabama Red Okra seed planted earlier this year has rooted, and grown into an Alabama Red Okra plant.  His promises work that way, we can be sure that if okra is planted, okra will sprout.  You don’t have to worry if wheat or tomatoes will sprout from okra seeds, only okra will emerge.  It also serves as a promise of the harvest to come.  When the blossoms attract the pollinators, and the conditions are right, an okra pod will develop where the blossom once was.  Even though we can not see the okra yet, we have an assurance that in time, it will come.  Fried, boiled, or pickled, okra will be part of our menu soon, and we can count on it.

You see, God’s promises are different from ours, His are everlasting covenants.  His promises are absolutely certain because we can trust His nature of faithfulness while people, on the other hand, are sometimes unreliable and disappoint us.  God never will go back on a promise, not ever.  When we acknowledge our sinful nature, confess, repent from our sinful ways and trust in Him, He has promised us eternal life in heaven.  He even gives you a down payment, a seal of that promise -  the Holy Spirit “which is the earnest of our inheritance” Ephesians 1:14.  We can be absolutely confident in that promise.

Now you probably know that okra is full of seeds.  Know what kind?  It is not a trick question. It is full of okra seeds of course!  (Good, you have been paying attention!)  So, when we are sealed with the Holy Spirit and have been planted, what should we do?

Grow. He will nurture you along, giving you plenty of water from the everlasting well of living water; He will nourish you with His Word.  (How do we know? His has always been and will continue to be faithful to His promises. Just a reminder you in case you forgot.) 

Bloom. Your bloomers (sorry, couldn’t resist) will tell the world what you are. What do your blooms show today? Hatred? Pride? Immorality?  Or Godliness, and Christ-likeness? Whatever is blooming, is what will germinate into fruit and seeds.   

Reproduce.  Just like the okra, we should be full of seeds – sowing more and more believers along the way.  We know that our seeds will definitely sprout, so the question becomes, what type seed fills us?  If we are full of hatred, chances are we are spreading seeds of hatred - filled with lies, then our garden will be full of them - spreading poison ivy, then that’s what will grow.  If we are filled with Christ, then our little seedlings will be precious indeed and our gardens will produce as they should.  
Father, thank you for Your faithfulness to honor Your promises, and help us be faithful to have gardens bearing much fruit for Your kingdom.

Father in Heaven,
You are worthy of my trust. Your faithfulness is beyond compare. 
Help me today to be faithful to that which You have caleed me to accomplish. I long to be blooming and creating new fruit today. Thank You for using me for Your kingdom.
I pray in Jesus' name.

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