Friday, June 27, 2014


After a brutal, cold, long, winter, we have been blessed with mild temperatures and an abundance of rain.  The good kind of rain, not many storms, just nice summer showers that makes me mosey (running is no longer an option for me) a little faster to the shelter of the house.  Our rain garden (strategic ditches for rain runoff) will fill for awhile, the birds relish their chance to clean their dirty feathers, and the neighborhood frogs will come out to play.   These almost daily showers have been followed by periods of glorious sunshine. Leaves hold onto every raindrop for as long as possible and the sparkle is just dazzling.  The air is clean and fresh, can you smell it?  There is nothing quite like that summer rain smell.  Our flowers, lawn and trees are loving it and putting on beautiful new growth as evidence.   
In my life, and probably yours too, there have been periods of sun and periods of rain.  Some days are just more fun than others.  Some days are very difficult.  But, looking at the growth pattern of plants, it occurred to me that we might just need both the sun and the rain too.   If I were to choose only sunny days, my life would never be refreshed with rain.  If I chose only rain, then I would not grow. 

I do my best to provide the appropriate sun, fertilizer, water for my plants, because I want them to grow, not just survive, but grow.  My Father does the same for me.  He wants me to do more than survive, but continually grow and be strong.  To do that, I need His nourishment.   Sometimes that comes like rain to refresh, sometimes it comes like sun to brighten my way.  But the result is growth.  By my choices everyday, I will grow in something.  If I spend my time with Him, I will grow in Him.  He will teach me and use me.  On the other hand, if I ignore Him and drink from a well of what the world has to offer, I will grow in that.  
Today as I look in my mirror, I ask you to do the same.  Do you see fresh new growth from the hand of God or do you see a dry stick, not producing leaves or fruit.  I pray today that you will see Him, follow Him, immerse yourself in His Word for nourishment and truth, and drink in His blessings.  You will be a lovely little sprout, I just know it.  Let me know what He shows you today.  I’ll be looking for that new growth!