Bible Study 101

You may believe that Bible study is only for theologians and settle for learning about the Bible from someone behind a pulpit.  You may read the Bible everyday in order to get through It in a year or two years. That’s a GREAT start but you are still missing a giant blessing! 
The Bible is God’s Word to us and is designed for US, not just pastors, priests and preachers. His Word is rich and full of wisdom that will change your heart and change your life!
I understand it can seem overwhelming but, GREAT NEWS…you CAN study the Bible on your own! And more great news; we are here to help you learn how (without a theology degree)!

Visit for tips and tools that will boost your Bible study time into a power-packed, life-changing time with the Creator!
  I promise you two things
1) it is easy and 
2) it will change the way you look at Bible study!